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From Welding to Crafting Pneumatic Valves

If you can imagine the item, we can bring it to life. We work with a variety of metals, plastics, composites, quartz, silicon, and just about any other material that you might want to use in your product. Located in Baton Rouge, Louisiana, Associated Technologies & Manufacturing, Inc. can employ mechanical, electrical, pneumatic, and PC technologies to provide the turnkey products that you require. Our company produces completely finished products along with the additional machine work needed. This can include welding, sheet-metal fabrication, special coatings, glass blowing, silicon grinding, vacuum-leak detection, stepper motors, and controls that are integrated with load cells and pneumatic valves.

Focused on Customer Service and Value-Loaded Products

We're capable of interacting with your team on every design, material, and production possibility. Our goal is to optimize the product and minimize the production costs of every item that you require. Quality must be built into the product at each stage, from the design process to the assembly line. Using our vast resources and expertise, our production methods are extremely flexible in order to meet your production specifications and budgetary requirements.

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Testing Products Through Our CAD/CAM Services

With the use of computer-aided drafting and solid modeling, we're able to design and test products virtually, without the need for costly prototypes. By analyzing stress, strain, and deflection, the possibility of product failure can be accurately analyzed and predicted without any sort of substantial upfront investment. Our engineering, designing, and drafting services are utilized to ensure that every product is manufactured completely to our customers' specifications and satisfaction.