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If you have an idea, design, or product, Associated Technologies & Manufacturing, Inc. can help with all of your development and manufacturing needs. We specialize in every aspect of the design, prototyping, and production process. Whether you're looking for a machined part for a feeder system for your silicon crystal grower or a 10-meter telescope on top of a mountain, give us a call. We're a full CAD/CAM facility that provides 3D modeling, which can assist in the design and testing of a wide variety of parts and equipment.

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Ensure that your company gets the exact devices and products you need. We work with our clients through the entire design, testing, and manufacturing process. These services include any special machine work that's needed.

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About Us

When our company was first established in Baton Rouge, Louisiana, our plans were to design and build devices used exclusively in surface analysis and spectroscopy. We also started to build specialty vacuum and laboratory equipment. Although we're still actively involved in these industries, there are many other areas of business that we've become associated with over the years. We can implement products that require multiple technologies or processes, such as electronics, metal, machine work, fabrication, and more.

Our mission at Associated Technologies & Manufacturing, Inc. is to provide quality products and services to clients and establish continuing relationships with them, based on our superior customer service and value. We regard our clients and suppliers as virtual partners and fully intend to continuously improve the quality of these relationships, as well as the products and services that we offer them.

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